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Sir! No Sir! PosterSir! No Sir! - David Zeigler's Sir! No Sir! is yet another documentary that George W. probably won't see, or want you to see, because, as the Prez often cautions, "It sends the wrong message to our troops." Does it ever! By chronicling the little-known story of war resistance within the American military during the Vietnam War, our guys and gals being shipped to Iraq could get some seditious ideas. more

I Am a Sex Addict Still - Man and Woman

I Am a Sex Addict - Guys prattle on forever about the women they supposedly laid, but stay mum revealing anything that smacks of the perverse. Do any of my male friends watch porno into the deep night, get jerked off at massage parlors, bring escorts into their condos for kinky S&M encounters? I don't know, no pal informs me, nor do they know anything sexually creepy about me. more

Art School Confidential - 2 actorsArt School Confidential
Terry Zwigoff started off amazingly, with the masterly documentary, Crumb (1995), followed by the stunning feature Ghost World (2001), both anthems to outsiders and outsider art, in praise of postBeatnik eccentricity and freakiness. Was Zwigoff the Great Weird Hope of American cinema?  more

FILM REVIEWS (Alphabetically listed)
- #
9 Songs

- A
A Couch In New York
A Fish In The Bathtub
A Trick Of The Light
Adrenaline Drive
Alice and Martin
All Over Me
American Splendor
Anatomy of Hell
The Anniversary Party
Art School Confidential

- B
Baise Moi
Basic Training
Beau Travail
The Beaver Trilogy
Before The Revolution
Beyond Killing Us Softly:The Strength to Resist
The Big Dig
Black and White
Black & White & Red All Over
Black Sunday
Blacks And Jews
Blind Shaft
Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary
Blue Velvet
Boesman and Lena
Bus Riders Union
The Business Of Strangers

- C
Chac: The Rain God
Chutney Popcorn

- D
Dancing At The Blue Iguana
Days Of Being Wild
The Devil's Backbone
The Dinner Game
Divine Trash
Donnie Darko
Don't Ask, Don't Tell

- E
East Side Story
El Bruto
Electric Edwardians
The Eel
Escape To Life
The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks

- F
The Fantasticks
Fallen Idol
Fellini: I'm A Born Liar
First Love, Last Rites
Flag Wars
Fragments: Jerusalem
Fruitlands 1843

- G
George Washington
Gods And Monsters

- H
Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies, and the American Dream

- I
I'm Going Home

I Am a Sex Addict
The Intruder
Invisible Light
In My Skin (Dans Ma Peau)
It Happened Here

- J

- K
Kill Bill Vol. 1
Kiss Me, Stupid

- L
La Cienaga (The Swamp)
The Laughing Club of India
The Learning Tree
Let It Come Down: The Life of Paul Bowles
Life And Debt
Life Is Beautiful
Live Freaky! Die Freaky
The Little Thief
The Living Museum
Louis Prima: The Wildest
Love & Diane

- M
The Man Who Bought Mustique
The Man Who Wasn't There
Masked And Anonymous
Mrs. Miniver
The Misfits
Moment of Impact
Monsieur Ibrahim
Morning Sun
The Mother And The Whore
Motorcycle Diaries
Mulholland Drive
Murderous Maids
My Voyage
The Mystery of Oberwald

- N
The Night of the Hunter
Nightmare Alley
Now & Then: From Frosh to Seniors
Nowhere To Hide

- O
Once Removed
Our House: A Very Real Documentary About Kids of Gay & Lesbian Parents

- P
Pages From A Virgin's Diary
The Parallax View
Perfect Blue
Pretty Village, Pretty Flame

- Q

- R
Rachel, Rachel
Raise The Dead
Return With Honor
The Revolutionary
Robot Stories

Roman Holiday
Run Lola Run

- S
Session 9
Sex: The Annabel Chong Story
Shattered Glass

Shattered Image
The Silence
Sir! No Sir!
Sixteen Decisions
Small Justice
Smoke Signals
Somewhere In Time
The Son Of Kong
Songs from the Second Floor
Split Decision
State of Mind
The Stendhal Syndrome
The Story Of The Weeping Camel

Such A Long Journey

- T
Take Care Of My Cat
Talent Given Us, The
Tax Day
The Tenant
Terror Firmer
Things Behind The Sun
Thirteen Conversations About One Thing
The Town Is Quiet
Train Birds
The Triplets of Belleville
Twentynine Palms
Two-Lane Blacktop

- U

- V
The V.I.P.s
Village Of Dreams

- W
What I Want My Words To Do To You
When Brendan Met Trudy
Wings Of Hope
The Wounds

- X Y Z
Yidl in the Middle: Growing Up Jewish in Iowa

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