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• Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)-Charles Barton
• Adam's Rib (1949)-George Cukor
• Airplane! (1980)-Jerry Zucker, David Zucker, Jim Abrams
• American Graffiti (1973)-George Lucas
Animal Crackers (The Marx Brothers) (1930)-Victor Heerman
• Animal House (1978)-John Landis
• Annie Hall (1977)-Woody Allen
• The Apartment (1960)-Billy Wilder
• The Awful Truth (1937)-Leo McCarey

• The Bad News Bears (1976)-Michael Ritchie
• The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947)-Irving Reis
• Ball of Fire (1941)-Howard Hawks
• Bananas (1971)-Woody Allen
• The Bank Dick (W.C. Fields) (1940)-Eddie Cline
• Being There (1979)-Hal Ashby
• Big (1988)-Penny Marshall
• Born Yesterday (1950)-George Cukor
• Bringing Up Baby (1938)-Howard Hawks
• Broadcast News (1987)-James L. Brooks
• Broadway Danny Rose(1984)-Woody Allen
• The Brothers McMullen (1995)-Edward Burns

• The Cable Guy (1996)-Ben Stiller
• City Lights (1931)-Charles Chaplin
• Cold Turkey (1971)-Norman Lear

• Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)-Susan Seidelman
• The Disorderly Orderly (Jerry Lewis) (1964)-Frank Tashlin
• Dr.Strangelove (1964)-Stanley Kubrick
• Duck Soup (The Marx Brothers) (1933)- Leo McCarey

• Ed Wood (1994)-Tim Burton

• Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)-Amy Heckerling
• 48 Hrs.(1982)-Walter Hill

• The General (1927)-Buster Keaton
• Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)-Howard Hawks
• The Girl Can't Help It (1957)- Frank Tashlin
• The Gold Rush (1925)-Charles Chaplin
• The Graduate (1967)-Mike Nichols
• Groundhog Day (1993)-Harold Ramis

• Hairspray (1998)-John Waters
• Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)-Woody Allen
• The Heartbreak Kid (1972)-Elaine May
• His Girl Friday (1940)-Howard Hawks
• Hollywood or Bust (Martin & Lewis) (1956)-Frank Tashlin

• The In-Laws (1979)-Arthur Hiller
• Irma La Douce (1963)-Billy Wilder
• It Happened One Night (1934)-Frank Capra
• It's a Gift (W.C. Fields) (1934)-Norman McLeod
• It Should Happen to You (1954)-George Cukor

• The Jerk (Steve Martin) (1979)-Carl Reiner

• The Lady Eve (1941)-Preston Sturges
• The Lonely Guy (Steve Martin) (1984)-Arthur Hiller
• Lost in America (1985)-Albert Brooks
• Love in the Afternoon (1957)-Billy Wilder

• Manhattan (1979)-Woody Allen
• Melvin and Howard (1980)-Jonathan Demme
• The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (1944)-Preston Sturges
• Mr.Deeds Goes to Town (1936)-Frank Capra
• Modern Romance (1981)-Albert Brooks
• Modern Times (1936)-Charles Chaplin
• Monkey Business (1952)-Howard Hawks
• My Man Godfrey (1936)-Gregory LaCava

• Naked Gun (1988)-David Zucker
• A Night at the Opera (the Marx Brothers) (1935)-Sam Wood
• The Nutty Professor (1963)-Jerry Lewis
• The Nutty Professor (Eddie Murphy) (1996)- Tom Shadyac

• The Party (Peter Sellers) (1968)-Blake Edwards
• Pat and Mike (1952)-George Cukor
• Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (1985)-Tim Burton
• The Philadelphia Story (1940)-George Cukor
• Pink Flamingos (1972)-John Waters
• The Producers (1968)-Mel Brooks
• Putney Swope (1969)-Robert Downey

• Raising Arizona (1987)-Joel Coen
• Real Life (1979)-Albert Brooks
• Return of the Secaucus Seven (1980)-John Sayles
• Revenge of the Nerds (1984)-Jeff Kenew
• Ruggles of Red Gap (1935)-Leo McCarey

• Shampoo (1975)-Hal Ashby
• She Done Him Wrong (Mae West) (1933)-Lowell Sherman
• Sherlock,Jr. (1924)-Buster Keaton
• The Shop Around the Corner (1939)-Ernst Lubitsch
• A Shot in the Dark (1964)-Blake Edwards
• Show People (Marion Davies) (1928)-King Vidor
• Sixteen Candles (1984)-John Hughes
• Some Like It Hot (1959)-Billy Wilder
• Sons of the Desert (Laurel and Hardy) (1933)-William Seiter
• Steamboat Bill, Jr.(Buster Keaton (1928)- Charles F. Reisner
• Stranger Than Paradise (1985)-Jim Jarmusch
• Sullivan's Travels (194l)-Preston Sturges
• The Sunshine Boys (1975)-Herbert Ross

• This is Spinal Tap (1984)-Rob Reiner
• Tin Men (1987)-Barry Levinson
• To Be Or Not To Be (1942)-Ernst Lubitsch
• Tootsie (1982)-Sidney Pollack
• Trading Places (1983)-John Landis
• Twentieth Century (1934)-Howard Hawks

• War of the Roses (1989)-Danny DeVito
• Watermelon Man (1970)-Melvin Van Peeples
• Wayne's World (1992)-Penelope Spheeris
• Woman of the Year (1942)-George Stevens

• Young Frankenstein(1974)-Mel Brooks



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