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Some other film critics whose commentary on cinema is extremely valuable:

John Anderson is the critic for Newsday and the new president of the New York Film Critics Circle.

Peter Brunette is a Film Professor at George Mason University currently writing a book on Luchino Visconti.

Fred Camper who writes for the Chicago Reader, is an expert on the avant-garde and film and art.

Ray Carney is a professor of film and American Studies at Boston University. His latest book is Cassavetes on Cassavetes.

Andrew Chan of Film Written Magazine is, at 14, probably the youngest critic of note in America.

Roger Ebert is a critic for the Chicago Sun Times and a pioneer of television criticism. You can also read his reviews at the Chicago Sun Times site.

Steve Erickson offers an index of film criticism - including on-line critics, magazines & newspapers.

Chris Fujiwara a regular contributor to The Boston Phoenix, Fujiwara is also the author of
the recent Jacques Tourneur: The Cinema of Nightfall.

Alex Fung a Toronto-based on-line critic, has a website that includes a useful dictionary of Industry and Critics' Awards and Film Festivals worldwide.

Owen Gleiberman is a critic for Entertainment Weekly.

J. Hoberman is the critic for the Village Voice.

Stanley Kauffmann - 85, has been a critic for The New Republic since the 1960s.

Peter Keough is a critic for The Boston Phoenix.

Dave Kehr who began at the Chicago Reader, writes for New York Citysearch and The New York Times.

Dennis Lim is a critic for the Village Voice.

Peter Rainer writes for New York Magazine and is president of the National Society of Film Critics.

Jonathan Rosenbaum is a critic for The Chicago Reader and author of the recent Movie Wars.

Lisa Schwarzbaum is a critic for Entertainment Weekly.

Henry Sheehan is a critic for The Chicago Reader, the Boston Globe, and LA Weekly.

A.O. Scott is a critic for The New York Times.

Amy Taubin is a critic for The Village Voice.

Michael Wilmington is a critic for The Chicago Tribune.

Senses of Cinema - Probably the best English-language Web film magazine in the world. Astonishingly passionate, personal, and well written.

All Movie Photo - Static images from current motion pictures.

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