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Gerald Peary - Bibliography
In September, 1978, Gerald Peary moved from New York City to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to become first-string film critic and a staff member for The Real Paper, a weekly alternative newspaper (and arch-rival of The Boston Phoenix) for which former critics included Stuart Byron, David Ansen, and David Thomson. Peary reviewed films for The Real Paper until it suddenly closed down in June, 198l, bought by the Phoenix and immediately shut.

Below is a listing of the films reviewed by Peary during his two-and-a-half year stint in residency at The Real Paper:

(A) - Freelancing from New York (incomplete list):

10/15/77-Interview with Agnes Varda regarding One Sings, the Other Doesn't

10/29/77-Interview with Bernardo Bertolucci regarding 1900

11/19/77-The Lacemaker

2/11/78-Interview with Mel Brooks regarding High Anxiety

4/8/78-Interview with Hal Ashby, Haskell Wexler regarding Coming Home

7/1/78-On the Porno Trail

(B) - At the Real Paper, Cambridge, Ma.:

9/16/78-Who Will Stop the Rain, Fortivos

9/23/78-A Night Full of Rain (Wertmuller)

10/14/78-Goin' South, The Boys from Brazil, The Big Fix

10/21/78- The New York Film Festival

10/28/78- Eric Rohmer interview (reported by Michael Wilmington),
Violette, Despair, Interview with Fassbinder

11/4/78-September 30,1955, Woody Allen-American Celebrity

11/11/78- How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman, The Wiz

11/18/78-Paradise Alley, A Dream of Passion (DeSica), Bonaparte and
the Revolution (Gance)

11/25/78-Watership Down, Showboat 88 (Schmidt), No Time for Breakfast

12/2/78- In the Realm of the Senses, A Geisha (Mizoguchi), Stray Dog (Kurosawa)

12/9/78- Holiday preview

12/16/78-Women (Meszaros), Roots of the New Hollywood

12/23/78-The Brinks' Job, Interview with William Friedkin

12/30/78- Year-end summary, Superman, Summer Paradise (Lindblum),
King of the Gypsies

1/13/79- Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Kaufman), Dossier 51, California Suite

1/20/79- The Rubber Gun (Moyle), Skip Tracer, The Confessions of
Winifred Wagner

1/27/79- The Last Wave, Interview with Peter Weir

2/3/79-Movie, Movie

2/17/79-Orson Welles' Theatre's Sci-Fi festival

2/24/79- The Great Train Robbery, Same Time, Next Year

2/3/79- Nea (Kaplan)

3/10/79-Norma Rae, Halloween, Agatha, Fast Break

3/17/79-Interview with Martin Ritt

3/24/79-Behind The China Syndrome

3/31/79-Hair, Quintet (Altman)

4/7/79-Voices, Real Life (Brooks)

4/14/79-Richard Pryor-Live in Concert, A Perfect Couple (Altman)

4/21/79-Hurricane (Troell), Todo Mundo (Petri)

4/28/79- Picketing The Deer Hunter

5/5/79- Manhattan


5/26/79- Pretending to be at the Cannes Festival

6/9/79-Dawn of the Dead, Old Boyfriends

6/16/79-Phantasm, Winter Kills, Players

6/23/79=Rocky II, The In-Laws

6/30/79-Alternative Cinema Conference

7/7/79-Newsfront, Interview with Philip Noyce, Escape from Alcatraz,
The Main Event

7/14/79-Sidney Sheldon's Bloodline, Moonraker, The Bottom Line

7/21/79-Dracula (Badham), The Muppet Movie, Fedora

7/28/79-Death of a Bureaucrat

8/11/79-The Wanderers, North Dallas Forty

8/18/79-Photography article on William Stieglitz

8/25/79-Apocalypse Now

9/1/79-Rich Kids, Peppermint Soda

9/8/79- Femme Fatales (Blier)

9/22/79-Montreal Film Festival

9/29/79-Koko: a Talking Gorilla

10/13/79-Starting Out, Luna, The Judge & the Assassin

10/27/79-The Onion Field, El Super

11/3/79-Nosferatu (Herzog), The Green Room

11/17/79-Nighthawks, The Europeans, Song of the Canary

11/28/79- The Marriage of Maria Braun

12/1/79- One Way or Another (Gomez), The Middleman,
The Magician of Lublin

12/8/79-The Fish That Stole Pittsburgh, Winstanley,
In the Region of Ice

12/15/79- A Child's Voice (Hickey)

12/22/79-The Shout (Skolimowski)

1/5/80- Krtamer vs. Kramer, Cuba

1/12/80-Ten Best Films of 1979. The Black Hole

1/26/80-The First Latin American Film Festival in Havana,
No Maps on My Toes, Robert & Robert

2/9/80-Angi Vera, The Black Stallion. Chapter Two

2/16/80-Peeping Tom (Powell), Hero at Large, American Gigolo

2/23/80- Cruising

3/1/80-Germany in Autumn, Head Over Heels, The Human Factor

3/8/80-Being There

3/15/80-The Coal Miner's Daughter

3/22/80- Empire of Passion, The Ballad of Orin (Shinoda), To Forget Venice

3/29/80-Gizmo, The Battle of Chile II, Force of One

4/5/80-Wise Blood, The Serial

4/12/80- Hide in Plain Sight, The Wrong Move (Wenders)

4/19/80- Article on photography

4/26/80- Foxes

5/3/80- Best Boy, The Wicker Man

5/17/80-Arizona junket for The Lone Ranger

5/24/80-The Long Riders, Friday the 13th

5/31/80- The Empire Strikes Back

6/7/80-Sittin' Ducks, Heading for Broadway

6/14/80-The Shining

6/21/80-Urban Cowboy, Bronco Billy

6/28/80-Fame, The Blues Brothers

7/5/80-The Canterbury Tales (Pasolini), Rough Cut (Siegel)

7/12/80-Rockers, Soldiers of Orange

7/19/80-Mad Max, Coup de Tete

7/26/80-Cheech & Chong's Next Movie, Honeysuckle Rose

8/2/80-Knife in the Head, The Outsider

8/9/80-Junket on USSS Nimitz, The Final Countdown

8/10/80- The Getting of Wisdom, My Bodyguard, In the Year of 13 Moons

8/28/80-The Fiendish Plot of Dr.Fu Manchu, Middle Age Crazy

9/4/80- Interview with Sam Fuller regarding The Big Red One, The
Left-Handed Woman

9/11/80-Interview with Chinese film delegates, The Great Santini

9/25/80- The Toronto Film Festival

10/2/80-Ordinary People, Willie and Phil

10/9/80-Stardust Memories, Return of the Secaucus Seven, Somewhere in Time

10/16/80-The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith

10/23/80-Bad Timing, Interview with Nicolas Roeg

10/30/80-New York Film Festival, Private Benjamin

11/6/80- It's My Turn

11/13/80-Melvin & Howard, Interview with Jonathan Demme

11/20/80-Every Man for Himself (Godard)

11/27/80-Interview with Isabelle Huppert, Battle Beyond the Stars

12/4/80-Loulou, Interview with Gerard Depardieu

12/11/80-Interview with Verna Fields

12/18/80-Popeye, Flash Gordon

12/25/80-Nine to Five, Bye Bye Brazil, From the Life of Marionettes

1/8/81-Best Films of 1980, The Mirror Crack'd

1/15/8l-Mon Oncle D'Amerique

1/22/81-Arabian Nights, The First Family

1/29/81-Altered States, The Idolmaker


2/12/81-Fort Apache, the Bronx

2/19/81-Tess, Breaker Morant

2/26/81- The Last Metro, The Plumber (Weir)

3/5/81-Man of Marble, Like a Turtle on Its Back


3/19/81-Gates of Heaven, All Night Long

3/26/81-The Day After Trinity

4/2/81-The Postman Always Rings Twice (Rafelson), Les Bons Debarras,
The Final Conflict


4/16/81-The Howling

4/23/81-Atlantic City, The Diaries 1971-76 (Pincus)

4/30/81- Space Coast (McElwee, Negroponte)

5/7/81-Cocktail Molotov, Heaven's Gate

5/14/81-Friday the 13th, Pt. 2

5/21/81-Lion of the Desert

5/28/81-Oblomov, The Hand

6/4/81-Outland, Voyage En Douce

6/10/81-Legend of the Lone Ranger, Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams

6/18/81- Raiders of the Lost Ark

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