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Best Short Narrative Films of All Time
Here's the e-mail sentence which freezes my marrow: "Dear critic: I just completed a short film, which I think you will enjoy." No, I probably won't! Don't send it to me! 90 per cent of short films are mishaps, sitcom-derived farces awash in frosh-dorm jokes or elephantine melodramas drowning in sophomoric Meaning. Too meager, or too much. more

Jim JarmuschJim Jarmusch
Stealing someone's screenplay is serious stuff. I know first-hand, for, a decade ago, the LA-based director-co-writer of a feature we wrote together crossed my name off the script. When I sued via a nice-guy Hub attorney, she countersued with a Beverly Hills big shot who had defended Spielberg. What chance did I have, when this $$$$$ shyster contended that I stayed over at the young lady's house not to write the screenplay but because I was desperately trying to bed her! It just got uglier, more traumatic. And costly.more



Phillip LopatePhillip Lopate
We can't compete with buccaneers of the Caribbean--the sword is mightier than the pen--but film reviewers lately have been getting a smidgen of respect, thanks to keen attention paid to American Movie Critics: an Anthology from the Silents Until Now (The Library of America, $40). There have been lengthy, exceedingly respectful reviews in places that count; and Phillip Lopate, the anthology's editor, was offered, for a Spring book tour,   the full-plate speaking schedule of a literary star, capped by multiple MPR visits. more

ESSAYS (Alphabetically listed)
50 Greatest Screen Legends - The American Film Institute's poll of 50 greatest screen legends.
A Touch of Evil - W
ho would have guessed that the refurbished Touch of Evil, the fixed-up version of Orson Welles's 1958 film, would be the major arthouse hit of September?
Academy Awards - 2000 - The 72nd Academy Awards.
Alfred Hitchcock: Behind the Silhouette - Happy hundredth, Hitch! A child was born, August 13,1899.
Arbuckle, Roscoe "Fatty" - Recently, Kino Video has remastered two volumes of Arbuckle's 1917-1920 two-reel shorts.
An Unfinished Symphony - As vets march through Lexington and Concord to bring the boys home, where is Bob Kerrey?
Andy Warhol's Blow Job - Book by Roy Grundmann.
Bardot, Brigitte - And God Created Woman...
Bartel, Paul - A fond goodbye to Paul Bartel, 61.
Barrymore, Drew -
I'm a long-time Drew Barrymore groupy. Shouldn't you be?
Best Films of 2002 - This year-end report, I'm reigning in my annual (and tiresome) curse on the house of Hollywood, that tower of teen-driven merde pushing out of the LA smog. Cautious optimism.
Best Films of 2003 - What year before 2003 has weighed in with such a cluster of totally glum, downer American movies? Sylvia, 21 Grams, Mystic River, House of Sand and Fog, Monster, The Statement, Wonderland, In the Cut.
Best Short Narrative Films of All Time - For every hundred decent short stories published there might be one fairly OK short film. I can count on my hands the short narrative films that really mean something to me.
Blair Witch - What's the big Internet debate these days concerning Blair Witch?
Breillat, Catharine - What does Breillat believe? That love is folly.
Canby, Vincent - New York Times' film critic.
Cannes 1998 - A complete roundup.
Caridi, Carmine Sopranos profiling? The Italian-American wise-guy roles he acted in his sleep might have tipped off the feds to Carmine Caridi.
Cassavetes on Cassavetes - A new book from from Boston University film professor, Ray Carney.
Children's Films - M
ost films which I loved passionately as a child I continue to savor in my creaky semi-maturity.
Chlotrudis Awards - The Chlotrudis people are serious and ambitious in their intent.
Clarkson, Lana - The slaying of film actress Lana Clarkson, 40, at the mansion of rock producer Phil Spector.
Clint: The Life and Legend - Patrick McGilligan, a former Boston Globe arts writer now living in Milwaukee, has written well-received film biographies, of Jack Nicholson, Robert Altman, George Cukor, and Fritz Lang.
The Conversation - No more intense film exists in the Coppola canon.
De Palma, Brian - What's with Brian De Palma?
Deren, Maya -
She was the trancedance centerpiece of every red-hot Village party in the late 1940s and early 1950s.
Dowd, Peter - Cambridge's Peter Dowd is on a speedy path.
The D.W. Griffith Award - The Directors Guild of America's National Board decided to rename its annual D.W. Griffith Award.
Fields, Verna - Fields has edited more than thirty motion pictures.
Film Criticism - Does anyone listen to critics?
Film School - R
eality TV series.
First Person - Errol Morris' television series.
Fishman, Sylvia Barack - Follow My Footprints: Changing Images of Women in American Jewish Fiction.
Flackett, Tony - T
he wonderfully comical world view of Tony Flackett.
Fogel, Susanna - The prodigious works of a 20-year-old.
Ford, John - Adventures during research.
Ford, John - John Ford slept here...
Foreign-Language Movies With Subtitles - In the US, subtitled films are truly madly deeply a vanishing species.
Fulci, Lucio -
Low-budget storytelling.
Fujiwara, Chris - Talking about
Jacques Tourneur.
Girls on Film - Who is that attractive lady popping up before the credits of a vintage movie print?
Godard, Jean-Luc - Am I the only one who connects French/Swiss filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard and Bob Dylan?
Halloween Horror Recommendations - 2001 - Can I assume that you've seen The Others?
Huston, Anjelica - From the Taos Film Festival Catalogue.
I Was A Teenage Filmmaker - M
y object is to coax you, busy reader, to an evening of film which I've proudly curated.
Jaehne, Karen - One of too-few American women film critics.
Jarmusch, Jim - Writer/Director accused of plagiarism.
June, 2000 - The best of Hollywood through June, 2000? It's probably High Fidelity.
Kabore, Gaston -
Winner at Harvard University of the sixth Genevieve McMillan and Reba Stewart Fellowship for Distinguished Filmmaking.
Kanin, Garson -
Kanin, who died in March at age 86, was, as a young man, an instantly successful New York actor.
Kazan, Elia - Naming names - HUAC.
Kelly/Kurasawa -
Can we arm-twist comparisons between the shiny-smiling, all-American song-and-dance man, Gene Kelly, and the imperious, Lear-like, Japanese filmmaker, Akira Kurasawa?
Key Cinema Club - The discussion of films.
Kogut, Sandra - Rarely are there are titles explaining where we are in the world in Sandra Kogut's splendid, mirthful globe-hopping videos.
Lancaster, Burt - Forever an alienated, paranoid outsider in LA.
Lardner Jr., Ring - A Hollywood activist in the 1930s.
Laurel Canyon -
Author of American Film Criticism book.
Lopate, Phillip - Author of American Film Critics: an Anthology from the Silents Until Now.
Maddin, Guy - I recommend the comic and visionary cinema of Guy Maddin.
Maddin, Guy -
There’s something Borgesian about Maddin’s archaic celluloid-world, an oeuvre of unburied "lost" movies which never earlier existed - except in a musty film library of the mind.
Maysles Brothers -
The Maysles brothers' cinema verite documentaries flow over with memorable personages.
Missing Links: The Jungle Origins of King Kong - What strange beings inhabit the unexplored jungle regions of the earth?
Moulin Rouge - Where is Jean Renoir's masterly French CanCan to show the way?
Murch, Walter -
The Conversations: Walter Murch and the Art of Editing Film by Michael Ondaatje (Knopf, $35) is a beauty of design and content.
Nat Turner - A Troublesome Property - Directed and co-written by Charles Burnett. - I'm here to salute a marvelous web site,, designed for film and video makers, also film and video lovers.
New York Times Film Critics - Where there were three, now there are only two. The New York Times recently ended it's five-year experiment of offering a trio of revolving film critics.
New York Times - Film Critics - Elvis Mitchell - I carped last fall about the unnecessarily offbeat choices by the New York Times for two film critic slots: A.C. Scott, and Elvis Mitchell.
New York Times - Film Critics - Make A Pick -
So who will take Maslin's place?
None Without Sin Arthur Miller, Elia Kazan and the Blacklist.
Olmi, Ermanno - Reclusive Italian cineaste.
Orphan In The Storm: The Son of King Kong - RKO invented an orphaned foundling (and motherless) child for the late simian monster: THE SON OF KONG.
Our Man of Medellin - Here I am in this crowded, funky, polluted, South American city, by reputation the most murderous spot in the world, and I'm having a "chill" time.
PBS's P.O.V. -
This summer is P.O.V.'s 15th TV season, and the series has become safe and a wee lazy, chosen with little feel for film form or understanding of what makes a documentary "personal."
Project Greenlight - There is no better visual record ever of the hour-to-hour travails of making a little movie.
Remembering Nicholas Ray - The only time I met Nicholas Ray...the mighty had mightily stumbled.
Rated X - A female friend thought she had me pegged. "Your reviews are so predictable," she lectured me. "You like any film that's left-wing and has pretty young women."
Ron Mann's 'Grass' - How does a critic feel when he's party to an adverse critique?
Rogers, Roy -
The July 6 death of Roy Rogers at age 86 surely didn't register much for post-Star Wars people.
Sampson, Caleb - A very sa
d loss.
Sellers, Peter - Peter Sellers - Mr. Strangelove.
Subtitles - Book review.
Teachers in the Movies - It's another damned September, and I'm back in school.
Teen Movies - It's three weeks in Boston of a cosmic 80s Teen Movie Explosion: 3 O'Clock High (1987), Weird Science (1985), and Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986).
Ten best - 1999 - After an astonishingly unmemorable spring and a calculatedly moronic "entertainment" summer, Hollywood entered fall 1999 ecstatic with billions in box office...
Ten best - 2001 -
I don't have the energy for the third straight year of railing against the machine for giving the public such a pathetic, shoddy bunch of films.
Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her - More and more, I sympathize with distributors having to say "no" to countless vanity indies.
Treasures from American Film Archives - 50 Preserved Films: 1893-1985.
Truffaut, Francois -
Nobody except Welles in film history seemed to have been so exuberant about making movies.
Ultimate Film Fanatic A cable quiz show...
John Waters - Pecker
(Reprint - Phoenix, 1987)
Weinstein, Harvey - Harvey Weinstein, a person so willfully abrasive and abusive that even canine Hollywood has been offended by his behavior.
Willis, Gordon - The most influential cinematographer during the 1970s.
Women Film Critics - "Why Aren't There More Women Film Critics?" was the subject of discussion for a forum at the Boston Public Library...more
Doris Wishman - Is Wishman the exciting missing link between the daffy 50s cinema of Ed Wood and the 60s sex kittens-with-knockers world of Russ Meyer?
Doris Wishman - RIP -
I bring you sad news: Doris Wishman is dead.
Zundel, Ernst - Zundel and a few neo-Nazi followers attended the premiere screening of Mr. Death last September at the 1999 Toronto Film Festival.
Zwerin, Charlotte -
filmmaker for Thelonious Monk: Straight No Chaser (1989), perhaps the greatest jazz documentary.

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