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1. LA Times Calendar Section-Sunday Feb.2.1992, pp.21-22.
David J. Fox talks to T after Reservoir Dogs screened at Sundance.

2. Cahiers du Cinema 457-June 1992, p.49
One-page interview about Reservoir Dogs

3. Positif 379 -September 1992, pp.28-35.
Michel Ciment and H. Niogret-long, long Reservoir Dogs interview

4. An Unpublished Interview with Tarantino-August 1992
Me talking to T about Reservoir Dogs at the Montreal Fest

5. An Unpublished Interview with Tarantino-August 1992
P. Brunette talking to T about Reservoir Dogs at Montreal

6. Press conference at the Toronto festival-September 1992
T. and his Reservoir Dogs actors

7. LA Weekly-October 22,1992, pp.18-25.
Ella Taylor Reservoir Dogs interview and review

8. PROJECTIONS 3-1994, pp.174-195.
Complete text of Graham Fuller interview with T about his screenwriting

9. Boston Phoenix-Sept.10.1993, Section 3, p.6
Peter Keough talks to T briefly on True Romance junket

Pulp Fiction interviews

10. Sight and Sound-May 1994, p.10
Tarantino's own narrative about Pulp Fiction, to Manohla Dargis

11. Movieline-August 1994, pp.51, 53,54,88,90
Josh Mooney on the set of Pulp Fiction, and hanging out with Quentin

12. Positif-November 1994, pp.10-15
Long Q&A about Pulp Fiction by Michel Ciment and Hubert Niogret from the Cannes Fest

13. Interview-September 1994
Godfrey Cheshire talks with T,Roger Avary, Lawrence Bender

14. Film Comment-July-August 1994, pp.32-43.
Gavin Smith with long, long Q&A about Pulp Fiction

15. LA Times-FANFARE, Sunday October 2,1994-p.9-10
Hilary DeVries at home with T: his life at the moment of the release of Pulp Fiction

16. The Boston Phoenix- October 7, 1994, Section 3,p.5
Gary Susman at the Pulp Fiction junket

17. The Seattle Times-October 9,1994
John Hartl telephone interview about Pulp Fiction

post-Pulp Fiction

18. Premiere-November 1994
Long post-Pulp Fiction Peter Biskind story, more bio, writing True Romance, working with Roberto Rodriguez

19. Rolling Stone-Nov.3,1994, pp.78-81, 110.
Long David Wild post-Pulp Fiction interview at T's house

20. LA Times Calendar Section-Sunday March 26,1995, pp.3-90, 92,93.
Chris Willman sets up interview, "Celluloid Heroes," between Robert Zemeckis and Tarantino

2l. Variety-July 17,1995, p.19
One-page with T and Lawrence Bender about forming their company, Rolling Thunder films

22. Premiere-November 1995
Peter Biskind interviews T, Allison Anders, Roberto Rodriguez, Alexandre Rockwell before the release of Four Walls

23. Bikini-January 1996
Arty Nelson cover story-interview about From Dusk Till Dawn

24. US-January 1996-pp.54, 56-59
Jim Hoberman interview concerning From Dusk till Dawn

25. Details-February 1996, pp.112, 114-117.
Mim Udovitch: Tarantino and Juliette Lewis interview each other about From Dusk Till Dawn

26. Axcess-February March 1996, Vol.4,No.l, pp.58-62.
Don Gibalevich Excellent T interview, Dusk Till Dawn

27. Entertainment@Home-May 1997-Vol.1,No.3, pp.40-42,44.
Lance Lawson talks to T. at T's house about video technology

28. Entertainment and Home-June 1997, Vol.1,N0.4,pp/53-56.

Part 2 of the above, and discussion of forthcoming Jackie Brown

29. Variety-September 1-7,1997, p.4
Michael Fleming with T on hi odd casting, going into Jackie Brown


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